The BOOM is HEAD's most exciting racquet right now

8 Mar 202412:45
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TLDRIn this engaging tennis gear review, the hosts discuss the new 2024 HEAD Boom tennis rackets, including the MP and Pro models. They reveal that the Pro Stock racket used by Roman SaurΓ­n is actually the Boom Pro. After play testing, they find the Boom Pro offers more control and a larger sweet spot, while the MP is lighter with a 16/19 string pattern, suitable for a wide range of players. Both models feature improved comfort and sound, with the Boom Pro being particularly favored for its precision and power. The hosts also touch on customization options and the importance of racket feel and impact in modern tennis, concluding that the HEAD Boom lineup is an exciting and convincing choice for players seeking a balance of power, spin, and control.

  • 🎾 Coach Adrey has relocated to the Mara Brothers in the Noala Aloha area, offering coaching services with access to good courts.
  • πŸ”Ž The new Booms 2024 have been play-tested, with the MP and Pro models being evaluated.
  • 🏸 It was discovered that the Pro Stock racket used by Roman Saurhin is actually the Boom Pro, which was initially uncertain due to the lack of specifications on the racket.
  • πŸ“ After playing and measuring, it was determined that the Boom Pro has a 98 head size, which feels more similar to Adrey's personal racket than the 100.
  • πŸ’₯ The Boom Pro offers more control and a bigger sweet spot compared to previous models, resulting in fewer launch shots and a more compact feel.
  • 🎨 The string pattern for the Boom Pro appears unchanged, but the addition of OTEC 2 technology provides more stability and a better feel on impact.
  • 🎢 The Boom Pro is praised for its sound quality, which is considered a pleasant surprise and not just a gimmick.
  • πŸ†• The Boom MP is described as a more user-friendly racket with a 16/19 string pattern, lighter swing weight, and a high launch angle suitable for players who can add spin to control the ball.
  • πŸ‘ Quality control for both the Boom Pro and MP is noted to be excellent, with the rackets meeting factory specifications.
  • πŸ† The Boom Pro is recommended for players seeking precision, modern spin orientation, and power, while the Boom MP is better suited for baseliners from intermediate to advanced levels.
  • πŸ‘€ A minor critique is the font and logo placement on the Boom rackets, which some may find aesthetically displeasing or unbalanced.
Q & A
  • Who is Adrey Coach Adrey and what is his current location?

    -Adrey Coach Adrey is a tennis coach who is currently located in the Mara Brothers facility in the Noala Aloha area, where he has access to beautiful courts and is available for coaching, unless he is traveling with Roman Saur.

  • What is the main topic of discussion in the video script?

    -The main topic of discussion is the new Boom 2024 tennis rackets, specifically the MP and Pro models, and the comparison of these rackets with the Pro Stock model used by Roman Saur.

  • What was discovered about the Pro Stock racket used by Roman Saur?

    -It was discovered that the Pro Stock racket used by Roman Saur is actually the Boom Pro model, which was initially unclear due to the lack of specifications on the racket.

  • What are the differences between the Boom Pro and the MP models?

    -The Boom Pro model is more control-oriented and has a denser string pattern, while the MP model has a more open string pattern, is lighter, and is designed to be more user-friendly with a high launch angle.

  • What improvements have been made to the Boom Pro model?

    -The Boom Pro model has seen improvements such as a larger sweet spot, increased stability on impact, and a more compact feel, making it more suitable for advanced players.

  • What is the significance of the sound grommets in the Boom rackets?

    -The sound grommets are a feature that enhances the sound of the racket when hitting the ball, providing a more satisfying and pleasant auditory experience for the player.

  • How does the Boom MP model compare to the Boom Pro in terms of playability?

    -The Boom MP model is considered more suitable for baseliners of intermediate to advanced levels, offering a good feel and control with customization, while the Boom Pro offers more precision and is power-friendly.

  • What customization options are available for the Boom MP and Pro models?

    -Players can customize the Boom MP and Pro models by changing the string choice and adding weight to the racket, which can help adjust the racket's performance to the player's preference.

  • What is the reviewer's opinion on the Boom Pro model compared to other Head rackets?

    -The reviewer considers the Boom Pro model to be the most exciting Head racket currently available, offering a good balance of power, spin, and comfort without being excessive.

  • What are the reviewer's thoughts on the Boom MP model's font design?

    -The reviewer, being detail-oriented, finds the font design of the Boom MP model to be slightly off-putting due to the non-centered and non-symmetrical placement of the letters.

  • How does the Boom Pro model compare to the Boom MP model in terms of sound and feel?

    -Both the Boom Pro and MP models have a plush and soft feel on impact, with the Boom Pro model having a slightly better sound and feel due to its improved design.

🎾 Exploring the New Boom 2024 Rackets

The speaker introduces Adrey Coach Adrey, who is currently coaching at Mara Brothers in the Noala Aloha area, and discusses the new Boom 2024 tennis rackets. They have been testing the MP and Pro models and discovered that the Pro Stock racket used by a certain player is actually the Boom Pro. The racket's specifications are not clearly marked, making it difficult to identify the head size and string pattern without comparison. The speaker shares their personal experience with the rackets, finding the 98 head size more suitable and noting improvements in the Boom Pro's control and feel. They mention the larger sweet spot, more compact design, and enhanced stability of the new model, as well as the pleasing sound it produces, attributed to sound grommets. The summary also touches on the racket's string pattern and the slight differences between the MP and Pro models, such as the denser pattern in the middle of the Boom Pro, which is more evenly spaced in the MP.

πŸ“Š Customizing and Comparing Boom Rackets

The speaker discusses the customization options for the Boom rackets, such as string choice and adding weight, which they did with the previous generation. They express a preference for heavier, more control-oriented rackets and note that the 16/19 string pattern of the Boom MP is more open, potentially leading to a higher launch angle. The Boom MP is recommended for baseliners of intermediate to advanced levels, while the Boom Pro is suggested for players seeking precision and power. The speaker also comments on the quality control of the rackets, finding them to be on factory specifications, which is not always the case. They highlight the feel and comfort of the Boom rackets, which they consider important for enjoyment and performance on the court. The speaker concludes by stating that the Boom Pro and Boom MP are their current favorite Head rackets, offering a good balance of power, spin, and comfort, and are suitable for modern tennis play.

πŸ› οΈ Racket Design and Performance Insights

The speaker delves into the design and performance aspects of the Boom rackets, comparing them to their previous models and other rackets on the market. They mention a personal preference for a more symmetrical font design on the rackets, which they find slightly bothersome. The discussion also includes the racket's feel, with the speaker unable to discern a significant difference between the matte and gloss finishes. They compare the current Boom Pro to a prototype from when the Boom line was first launched, noting improvements in impact and stability over time. The speaker concludes that while the differences between the new and previous models may not be drastic, they are noticeable and represent positive refinements, making the new Boom Pro a worthy choice for players looking for a balance of power, control, and comfort.

πŸ’‘Tennis Nerds
Tennis nerds refers to individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about tennis, often seeking out detailed information and discussions about the sport. In the context of the video, the term is used to address the audience and create a sense of community among tennis enthusiasts. The script mentions 'fellow tennis nerds' to establish a connection with viewers who are deeply interested in tennis topics.
πŸ’‘Adrey Coach Adrey
Adrey Coach Adrey is likely a person or a character within the video's narrative, possibly a coach or an expert in the field of tennis. The name suggests that this individual is a guide or mentor in the world of tennis, and the script mentions him being in a new place, indicating a change in his coaching environment or location.
πŸ’‘Mara Brothers
Mara Brothers seems to be a reference to a specific location or establishment related to tennis, possibly a tennis academy, club, or store. The script mentions it in connection with Coach Adrey's new place, suggesting it might be a prominent venue in the tennis community.
πŸ’‘Booms 2024
Booms 2024 likely refers to a new line or model of tennis rackets released in the year 2024. The term 'booms' could be a brand name or a colloquial term for a popular or powerful type of tennis racket. The video discusses play-testing these new rackets, indicating that they are a central focus of the discussion.
πŸ’‘Pro Stock
Pro Stock in the context of tennis refers to professional-grade equipment that is typically used by professional players and is not usually available to the general public. The script mentions that the racket used by a certain player is a Pro Stock model, suggesting it is a high-quality, specialized piece of equipment.
πŸ’‘Head Size
Head size is a critical specification of a tennis racket, referring to the overall dimensions of the racket's head or hitting surface. It affects the power, control, and stability of the racket. The script discusses the difficulty in determining the head size of a Pro Stock racket, emphasizing the importance of this measurement in evaluating a racket's performance.
πŸ’‘String Pattern
The string pattern on a tennis racket refers to the arrangement and spacing of the strings within the racket's head. It influences how the ball interacts with the racket upon impact, affecting playability aspects like power, spin, and control. The script notes that the string pattern is 'obvious' and can be counted, indicating it as a visible and important feature of the rackets being discussed.
πŸ’‘Sweet Spot
The sweet spot on a tennis racket is the area on the strings that, when hit, provides the optimal combination of power, control, and feel. A larger sweet spot generally means the racket is more forgiving and easier to use. The script mentions that the sweet spot on the new racket feels bigger, suggesting an improvement in playability.
πŸ’‘Otic 2.0
Otic 2.0 appears to be a technology or material used in the construction of the tennis rackets being discussed. It is mentioned as contributing to the racket's stability and feel, indicating that it is a feature designed to enhance the racket's performance characteristics.
πŸ’‘Sound Grommets
Sound grommet is a term that refers to a device or material used in the construction of a racket to modify its sound. The script mentions that the racket has 'sound grommets' and comments positively on the racket's sound, suggesting that these grommet features contribute to a pleasing auditory experience when playing.
Customization in the context of tennis rackets refers to the process of modifying a racket to suit an individual player's preferences and playing style. This can include changing the weight, balance, string type, and tension. The script discusses the possibility of customizing the rackets to meet the needs of different types of players, highlighting the importance of personalization in tennis equipment.
Baseliners are tennis players who tend to play from the back of the court, often hitting from the baseline and relying on groundstrokes. The script suggests that the Boom MP racket is well-suited for baseliners, particularly those at an intermediate to advanced level, indicating that the racket's characteristics support this style of play.
πŸ’‘Modern Game
The modern game of tennis is characterized by powerful groundstrokes, spin, and strategic play. The script mentions that the rackets being discussed are designed for the modern game, implying that they offer features that enhance spin and power, which are key elements in contemporary tennis.
Control in tennis refers to a player's ability to direct the ball accurately and with precision. The script discusses the control aspects of the rackets, noting that some models offer more control than others, which is an important consideration for players who need to manage heavy shots and maintain precision in their game.

Adrey Coach Adrey is now at a new location in the Mara Aloha area with good courts for coaching.

Adrey sometimes travels with Roman SaurΓ­n, a professional tennis player.

New Booms 2024 have been play tested, including the MP and the Pro models.

The Pro Stock racket used by Adrey is revealed to be the Boom Pro.

The Boom Pro racket has no specifications on it, making it difficult to identify the head size and string pattern.

Adrey's personal racket preference was found to be more similar to the 98 head size.

The Boom Pro racket offers more control and a larger sweet spot compared to previous models.

The new Boom Pro has a more compact and stable feel on impact.

The Boom Pro features sound grommets, which provide a surprisingly good sound.

The Boom MP has a more open string pattern, leading to a higher launch angle.

The Boom MP is lighter and more suitable for the average club player.

The Boom Pro is recommended for advanced players who need stability and precision.

The Boom Pro has improved quality control and is on factory specs.

The Boom MP is user-friendly with a 16/19 string pattern and a light swing weight.

The Boom Pro is great for players who want more control and a power-friendly racket.

The Boom Pro and Boom MP have improved field performance and stability.

The Boom Pro and Boom MP are comfortable without being too muted, with a nice impact feel.

The Boom Pro and Boom MP offer good power and spin without being excessive.

The Boom Pro and Boom MP are the most convincing Head racket lineup for modern tennis.

The Boom Pro is Adrey's favorite racket for tournaments due to its power and serve.

Adrey has a minor OCD issue with the Boom Pro's font not being perfectly centered.

There is no significant difference felt between the Boom Pro and a similar retail model in terms of impact and stability.

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