One Of The Rarest Coins I Have Ever Found!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #89 [Book 4]

Christopher Collects
6 Jun 202214:43
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TLDRIn this coin hunting adventure, the host dives into bags filled with two-pound coins, hoping to find a Commonwealth Games England coin to complete a collection book. The hunt yields a variety of commemorative coins, including an Olympic Centenary and a rare 'fried egg' error coin, where the inner metal has irregularly spread. The find of the 'fried egg' error is a standout moment, as it's a highly sought-after anomaly. The video also discusses the authenticity of certain coins, the process of edge hunting for inscriptions, and the excitement of discovering valuable and rare pieces among common definitive designs.

  • 🔍 The video is about a coin hunting session where the host goes through 500 pounds of two-pound coins.
  • 🎯 The primary goal is to find a specific coin to complete a collection book, namely the Commonwealth Games England coin.
  • 🤔 There's uncertainty about the contents of the bags due to the possibility that they might have been previously hunted through and returned to the bank.
  • 🏉 The first commemorative coin found is a Rugby World Cup coin, which is common but still a good start.
  • 🏅 An Olympic Centenary coin is discovered, which is considered a valuable and exciting find.
  • 🎖️ The host finds a World War One Army Centenary coin with the inscription 'King and Country'.
  • 😲 A rare 'fried egg' error coin is found, which is a significant and unexpected discovery due to the unusual metal displacement.
  • 👑 The video mentions the change in the two-pound coin design from the Queen's necklace to the 'bimetallic' version and the first year of the new portrait.
  • 🔍 The host checks for edge inscriptions and rotation errors, which are important for identifying special or error coins.
  • 🎉 The discovery of a 2021 Britannia coin is celebrated as it is one of the known circulating years and considered a valuable find.
  • 🎊 The host reflects on the hunt, considering the 'fried egg' error coin and the NIFC Jane Austen coin as top finds of the year.
Q & A
  • What is the primary goal of the coin hunt in the video?

    -The primary goal of the coin hunt is to find the last coin needed to fill the book, which is the Commonwealth Games England coin.

  • What is the significance of finding a 'fried egg' error coin in the video?

    -The 'fried egg' error coin is significant because it is a rare and highly sought-after find due to its unique error where the inner part of the metal has bled out, resembling a fried egg.

  • What does the term 'edge hunt' refer to in the context of the video?

    -An 'edge hunt' refers to the process of checking the edge inscription of the two-pound coins for special inscriptions or errors that may indicate a rare or valuable coin.

  • What is the importance of finding a 2021 Britannia coin?

    -The 2021 Britannia coin is important because it is one of the known circulating years for the Britannia design, and finding it would complete the set of known circulating years for the collector.

  • What is the concern when opening a bag of coins that might have been previously hunted through?

    -The concern is that the valuable or commemorative coins may have already been removed by someone else, leaving behind only common or lower minted year coins that are not as desirable.

  • What is the significance of the 'Olympic Centenary' coin found in the video?

    -The 'Olympic Centenary' coin is significant as it is a commemorative coin marking the centenary of the modern Olympic Games and is considered a valuable find for collectors.

  • Why is the 'Act of Union' coin considered interesting in the video?

    -The 'Act of Union' coin is interesting because it commemorates the union of Great Britain and Ireland into a single kingdom, and it is a common coin that some collectors enjoy finding.

  • What is the meaning of the term 'bimetallic' in relation to two-pound coins?

    -The term 'bimetallic' refers to the composition of the two-pound coin, which has two different metals used for the inner and outer parts, creating a distinct appearance.

  • What is the reason for checking the coins for 'rotation errors'?

    -Checking for 'rotation errors' is important because these are minting errors where the obverse and reverse sides of the coin are not aligned correctly, making them rare and valuable to collectors.

  • What is the significance of the 'Florence Nightingale' coin in the video?

    -The 'Florence Nightingale' coin is significant as it commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous nurse and social reformer, and is a favorite design of the collector despite its commonality.

🔍 Coin Hunt Adventure

The video script describes a coin hunting session with 500 pounds of two-pound coins. The aim is to find a specific coin to complete a collection book and possibly discover a 2021 Britannia coin. The host expresses curiosity about an intriguing seal on one of the bags. The process involves opening bags, examining coins, and discussing their potential value and rarity. The first bag reveals a mix of commemorative and common coins, including a Rugby World Cup and an Olympic Centenary coin, which are considered good finds. There's also a concern about the coins possibly being pre-hunted and returned to the bank.

🎉 Unbelievable Coin Discovery

In this segment, the host experiences an astonishing find: a 'fried egg' error coin, a highly unusual and sought-after variety where the inner metal appears to have 'bled' out, resembling a fried egg. This discovery is considered a significant achievement, potentially rivaling a previous find of a Jane Austen NIFC (Non-Iron, Non-Copper) two-pound coin. The host also finds other commemorative coins such as the Army Centenary, Act of Union, and Britannia, and discusses the significance of different mint years. The excitement is palpable as the host reflects on the incredible luck of the day's coin hunt.

📚 Wrapping Up the Coin Hunt

The final paragraph wraps up the coin hunting session. The host continues to search through the remaining bags, finding additional commemoratives like Charles Dickens and Florence Nightingale coins, and discusses the frequency of finding certain coins. There's a moment of reflection on the day's finds, with the 'fried egg' error and the Jane Austen coin being the highlights. The host also mentions the scarcity of certain years for the Britannia coin and expresses a wish to find a non-circulating year coin. The video ends with the host checking for any missed details on the coins and inviting viewers to engage by sharing their thoughts on the day's best find.

💡Two Pound Coins
Two Pound Coins are the second-largest decimal coin denomination in the United Kingdom, valued at two pounds sterling. In the video's theme, the host is hunting through bags of these coins to find commemorative editions and special designs. The script mentions a 'hunt through' and 'first commemorative' which refers to the process of searching for valuable or rare two-pound coins.
💡Commemorative Coins
Commemorative Coins are special edition coins that are issued to celebrate a particular event or person. They often have unique designs and can be more valuable than their face value. The script mentions several specific commemorative coins such as 'Rugby World Cup,' 'Olympic Centenary,' and 'Army Centenary,' which are part of the collection the host is seeking.
💡Definitive Design
The Definitive Design refers to the standard or regular design of a coin that is used for circulation. In the context of the video, the host mentions 'definitive technologies' as a common type of two-pound coin that they are not particularly interested in finding, as it's not as valuable or rare as commemorative coins.
💡Edge Inscription
Edge Inscription refers to the lettering or markings that can be found on the edge of certain coins. In the video, the host performs an 'edge hunt' to check for specific inscriptions like 'Standing on the shoulders of giants,' which is an Isaac Newton quote found on the two-pound definitive design coins.
💡Fried Egg Error
Fried Egg Error is a term used to describe a minting error where the inner metal of a bimetallic coin appears to have 'bled' or spread outwards, resembling a fried egg. The host discovers a 'fried egg error' coin in the script, which is a significant and rare find, causing great excitement.
💡Commonwealth Games England
Commonwealth Games England is a commemorative two-pound coin that was issued to celebrate England's participation in the Commonwealth Games. The script mentions this coin as the one needed to complete the fourth collection book, indicating its significance in the host's coin hunt.
Mintage refers to the number of coins produced by a mint. In the video, the host discusses the mintage of certain coins, such as the '2015' and '2016' Britannia coins, to highlight their rarity and desirability among collectors.
Bimetallic coins are coins that are made from two different metals, usually with one metal on the outer ring and another for the inner core. The script refers to the first year of the bimetallic two-pound coin and the change in portrait, indicating the evolution of coin design.
💡Counterfeit Coins
Counterfeit Coins are fake coins that are made to resemble genuine currency. The host mentions finding coins that 'scream fake' during the hunt, which is an undesirable outcome as they are not valuable and can be a concern for collectors.
💡Coin Collector
A Coin Collector is someone who collects coins, often for their rarity, design, or historical significance. The entire video is centered around the activities and interests of a coin collector, as the host hunts for and discusses various coins to add to their collection.

Introduction of a new 500 pounds of two-pound coins to search through.

Mystery seal on the bag suggests potential for interesting finds.

Goal to find the last coin for the Commonwealth Games England to complete book number four.

Concern about the coins possibly being pre-hunted and returned to the bank.

First commemorative coin found: Rugby World Cup.

Discovery of an Olympic Centenary coin, considered a superb find.

Finding a World War One Army Centenary coin with the inscription 'King and Country'.

Mintmark and year check on the first year of the bimetallic two-pound coin.

Edge inscription 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' found on a two-pound coin.

Unusual 'Kingdom' inscription indicating a potential error coin.

Discovery of a rare 'Fried Egg' error coin, a significant find.

Discussion about the scarcity and value of the 2015 and 2016 Britannia coins.

Finding a Florence Nightingale coin, a favorite among collectors despite its commonality.

VE Day anniversary coin found among the collection.

Another significant find, a Charles Dickens coin.

Discussion on the possibility of finding a non-circulating year Britannia coin.

Final thoughts on the hunt and the standout find of the 'Fried Egg' error coin.

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