Testing Nikon Zf in harsh conditions - 6 days in Norway

Morten Hilmer
21 Sept 202331:23
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TLDRMorten is a photographer who goes on a camping and fishing trip in beautiful Norway with his friend Jens. He brings along a new Nikon Zf camera to test out whether it can serve as his primary filming camera for his wilderness adventures. Over several days, they set up camp, catch a couple small fish, take in the gorgeous scenery, and enjoy campfire meals. Morten films with the Nikon in various conditions to evaluate its capabilities as his potential new rugged, portable camera for self-filming during his trips.

  • 😊 Morten is excited to test out a new Nikon Zf camera on his camping trip in Norway
  • ⛺️ He goes on a 5-day camping and fishing trip with his friend Jens
  • 🎣 They hope to catch salmon to cook over the campfire during their trip
  • πŸ“· Morten wants to test if the Nikon Zf can replace his current vlogging camera
  • 🌧️ He exposes the camera to rain to test its weather sealing capabilities
  • πŸ˜‹ They forage and cook delicious mushrooms and other foods while camping
  • πŸ‘ Morten is getting used to operating the Nikon Zf camera
  • πŸ”‹ He makes sure to charge batteries and care for the camera properly
  • πŸŒ„ They get lucky with nice weather after initially poor forecasts
  • 🎬 After the trip, Morten will evaluate if the Nikon Zf is suitable as his next vlogging camera
Q & A
  • What camera is Morten using to film himself on this trip?

    -He is using the new Nikon Z f camera to test it out as a vlogging and filming camera for his adventures.

  • Why does Morten want to switch to the Nikon Z f camera?

    -He wants a flip screen for vlogging, better low light capabilities than his smaller Nikon, and to consolidate to a single Nikon system rather than multiple camera brands.

  • What two main things is Morten trying to accomplish on this Norway trip?

    -He wants to have a great time camping with his friend Jens, and test out the new Nikon Z f camera for filming.

  • What features made Morten excited about the Nikon Z f camera?

    -The flip screen, 24 megapixel sensor, weather sealing, and ability to shoot vlogs directly in camera.

  • Why does Morten keep hiding the Nikon Z f camera at first?

    -Because it hasn't been announced yet so no one is supposed to know about it before its official release.

  • What wildlife do Morten and Jens encounter at their campsite?

    -Deer/moose based on the animal droppings they find.

  • Does Morten catch any fish on the first day?

    -No, only Jens catches a small fish that they throw back.

  • How does the Nikon Z f perform in light rain?

    -Morten says the weather sealing seems good as he has no issues bringing it out in the rain.

  • What is Morten's opinion of the Nikon Z f camera so far?

    -He says his fingers are getting used to it, he's building experience with using it to film, and will share his final verdict when back in Denmark.

  • What do Morten and Jens eat for dinner at their campsite?

    -Salmon that they cook over the campfire along with porcini mushrooms.

πŸ˜€ Beginning the Norway Adventure and Receiving a New Camera

Morten meets Robin at the airport to receive a new Nikon Z f camera to test out. He is excited to try it out on his upcoming camping adventure in Norway with his friend Jens. They load up their gear and board a boat heading into the Norwegian wilderness.

πŸ˜‹ Setting up Camp in a Beautiful Spot in Nature

Morten takes inventory of his gear and sets up his hammock in a scenic campsite spot by trees and a lake. Jens hurries to assemble his fishing gear, trying to beat Morten to catching the first fish.

🎣 Catching the First Fish but Yearning for Bigger Salmon

Jens screams joyfully as he catches the first fish, a small one not big enough to eat. They decide to release it and hope to catch a nice big salmon they can cook over their campfire. Morten spots moose/elk droppings and reflects on using his new Nikon Z f camera to test it out for his vlogging and videography needs.

🍽 Grilling Dinner after an Unsuccessful Fishing Excursion

Neither Morten nor Jens manages to catch a decent-sized salmon for dinner as hoped. They grill another meal over the fire instead. Morten shares more thoughts on putting the Nikon Z f camera through rigorous, real-world tests to evaluate its potential as his regular vlogging/filming camera for rugged adventures.

β›ˆ Testing the Camera's Weather Sealing in the Rain

It begins raining, so Morten takes the Nikon Z f out into the showers to test its touted weather sealing capabilities. The lighting looks beautiful, and the camera seems to hold up well as advertised so far. He plans to dry it off after more use.

🍻 Winding Down after a Nice Day of Eating, Filming, and Charging Gear

With full stomachs after dinner, charged batteries, and camp set up, Morten reflects on three good days of travel filming using the Nikon Z f. His initial impressions are positive as he steadily builds familiarity and assessing its potential as his regular travel video camera in demanding conditions.

The video centers around the narrator going on an outdoor adventure and camping trip with his friend Jens. He talks about how he loves going on adventures like this, whether for a few days or longer periods. It relates to his passion for nature, camping, fishing and appreciating beautiful landscapes.
One of the main activities the narrator and Jens partake in is fishing for salmon in the rivers and streams. There are several scenes showing them attempting to catch fish. While they don't have much luck, fishing is still an integral part of their wilderness experience.
The narrator frequently comments on the beautiful scenery and landscape around them - the birch trees, pine trees, magnificent views of the lake and river. Appreciating the pristine nature and landscapes is a key motivation for his wilderness adventures.
A major theme is the narrator testing out the new Nikon Zf camera to see if it can serve as his primary vlogging/filming camera on future adventures. He comments on attributes like the flip screen, video/image quality, form factor and weather sealing.
The unpredictable weather in Norway, including rain, sun and cold, comes up various times. The narrator uses the opportunities to test how the camera handles different weather while filming outside in the elements.
The overall setting of the adventure is the Norwegian wilderness, disconnected from urban life and embracing nature through camping, fishing, appreciating landscapes and the simple pleasures of cooking meals over a campfire.
As a professional photographer, an important purpose of the trip is for the narrator to self-film his adventures using the new camera. He discusses criteria like the flip screen and form factor that allow comfortable self-filming while hiking, fishing etc.
While spending time with his friend Jens, the narrator also treasures the solitary moments like waking up early to capture the landscape and disconnect/unwind in the peaceful wilderness, away from regular life's hustle and bustle.
The serene natural settings and solitary moments allow the narrator's creative juices to flow as he experiments with filming unique angles, perspectives and shots (like raindrops on the lake) to maximize visual storytelling.
Laying in the hammock staring at stunning vistas or having a drink by the fire, many scenes show the narrator reflecting on life, his passion for the outdoors, evaluating the camera and gathering his thoughts in the soothing wilderness.

Robin brings Morten a new Nikon Z f camera to test out

Morten is going on a camping and fishing trip in Norway to try out the new camera

The Nikon Z f has great features like a flip screen, video capabilities, and weather sealing

Morten hides the pre-release Z f camera since nobody knows about it yet

Morten hopes the Z f can be his main filming camera on future trips

Jens catches the first fish of the trip

Morten films the scenic landscape and tests the Z f in light rain

Morten says the weather sealing on the Z f works well

After 3 days, Morten is getting used to the Z f camera

Morten will give his full opinion on if the Z f can replace his main filming camera after the trip

Morten enjoys testing cameras like the Z f on his wilderness adventures

The weather forecast was poor but the weather has been great

Morten has charged batteries, set up camp, and eaten dinner

Morten will relax for a bit more before going to bed

Morten signs off for the night during the camping trip

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