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26 Feb 201920:02
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TLDRIn this engaging video, Marco Argentino, a senior technician and prototype fabricator at CCM, shares his journey from learning shoe repair from his father to becoming an expert in customizing hockey gear for professional players. With a background in repairing skates for the Montreal Canadiens and working with top equipment companies, Marco's role involves tailoring gear to the unique specifications of each player, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. His passion for his work is evident as he discusses modifying gloves and skates, even creating special attachments for injured players, allowing them to continue playing. Marco's story highlights the importance of equipment personalization and the impact it has on the success of professional athletes.

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§ Marco Argentino is a multi-skilled technician at CCM, specializing in customizing and repairing hockey equipment such as skates and gloves for professional players.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ His expertise comes from his father, a master shoemaker from Italy, who taught him the trade from a young age, including how to sharpen his first pair of skates at age 12.
  • πŸ’ Marco's father ran a shoe repair shop in Verdun, which was known for hockey and served as a hub for young players needing equipment repairs.
  • 🀝 Marco had the opportunity to work with the Montreal Canadiens, starting as an unofficial repair guy from 1991 to 2004, thanks to connections made through his father's business.
  • πŸ’Ό In 2004, during the NHL lockout, Marco joined CCM and has since attended major sporting events, including the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy, and multiple all-star games.
  • πŸ› οΈ Marco customizes gear to meet the specific needs of players, including protection levels, materials, and glove flexibilities, often disassembling and rebuilding equipment to player specifications.
  • πŸ€• He has also made modifications for players with injuries, such as creating a special attachment in a glove for a player who lost three digits in his hand, allowing him to continue playing.
  • πŸŽ–οΈ Equipment is crucial for players, with some preferring new gear frequently and others being superstitious about their gear and maintaining routines that involve their equipment.
  • 🧢 Marco shared anecdotes about players' superstitions, including one who had a 'lucky lace' that needed to be replaced and pinned on his board for good luck.
  • 🧀 The CCM HiJi-12 glove is a popular choice among NHL players for its performance and feel, with many preferring it even over newer models.
  • πŸ† Marco's work is always geared towards the top athletes, creating high-end models that are then adapted to different retail versions, ensuring that professional players have the best possible equipment.
Q & A
  • Who is Marco Argentino and what is his role at CCM?

    -Marco Argentino is a prototype fabricator and senior technician for the pro department at CCM. He is a jack-of-all-trades, skilled in making modifications to skates, gloves, and other hockey equipment.

  • How did Marco Argentino acquire his skills in hockey equipment repair and customization?

    -Marco learned his skills from his father, a master shoemaker from Italy who opened a family shoe repair shop. Marco started learning at a young age, sharpening his first pair of skates at 12 years old.

  • What is the significance of Verdun on Wellington Street in Marco's story?

    -Verdun on Wellington Street is where Marco's father's shoe repair shop was located. It was a hub for hockey players who needed their equipment fixed, which provided Marco with opportunities to learn and practice his skills.

  • How did Marco become involved with the Montreal Canadiens?

    -Marco's father's shop was known for fixing equipment, and Eddie Paulcheck, the equipment manager for the Montreal Canadiens, would bring items to be fixed. This connection led to Marco becoming the unofficial repair guy for the team from 1991 to 2004.

  • What opportunities arose for Marco after the 2004 NHL lockout?

    -Following the 2004 lockout, Marco was invited to work at CCM, where he continued to hone his skills and became involved in customizing equipment for professional players, attending Olympics and All-Star games.

  • What does Marco do to customize hockey gloves for players?

    -Marco customizes gloves by taking them apart and rebuilding them according to the player's specifications, which can include different types of padding, palm material, flex, and protection levels.

  • Can you provide an example of a special modification Marco made for an injured player?

    -Marco modified a glove for a player who had lost three digits in his hand. He created a special attachment inside the glove to allow the player to hold the hockey stick and play.

  • How does Marco handle the different preferences of players when it comes to equipment?

    -Marco understands that each player has unique preferences. Some players like to rotate their gloves or skates frequently, while others prefer to use the same equipment for an extended period. He customizes the equipment to suit these individual needs.

  • What is the significance of the 'lucky lace' incident mentioned in the script?

    -The 'lucky lace' incident illustrates the superstitions of hockey players and the importance they place on their equipment. Marco had unknowingly removed a frayed lace from a player's pants, which the player considered lucky. This led to a call from the assistant equipment manager, emphasizing the need to respect players' routines and beliefs.

  • What is the importance of the CCM HiJi-12 glove and why is it still popular among NHL players?

    -The CCM HiJi-12 glove is popular because it offers a performance feel that players prefer. Despite being an older model, it is still used by many top players because it meets their specific needs in terms of feel and protection.

  • How does Marco ensure consistency in the gloves he customizes for players?

    -Marco pays close attention to the specifications of each player's glove, making sure to replicate the exact padding, flex, protection, and other details. He communicates with the players and makes any necessary adjustments until the glove meets their satisfaction.

  • What is the process like for creating gloves for new players joining a team?

    -Marco starts by identifying the closest model to what the new player is used to. He then disassembles and rebuilds the glove, considering factors like padding, thumb flexibility, protection level, and materials. The glove may go through several tweaks until it perfectly matches the player's preferences.

  • How does Marco's work with CCM gloves differ between the high-end, mid-range, and lower-end versions?

    -All CCM gloves start from the high-end model designed for professional athletes. Depending on the price points, the gloves are then 'dressed down' to create mid-range and lower-end versions for retail, with variations in materials and features.

  • What is Marco's approach to modifying equipment for specific player needs or injuries?

    -Marco treats each modification as a unique challenge, working closely with the player to understand their specific needs. He has made modifications such as converting a four-finger glove into a three-finger glove for a player with a broken finger, ensuring the equipment provides the necessary protection and support.

  • Can you share any memorable experiences Marco had with famous players?

    -Marco has had the opportunity to work with and meet several top players, including being in a room with Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, and Paul Coffey during the 1995 Canada Cup. He has also received calls from players like Patrick Roy, thanking him for his work on their equipment.

  • What souvenirs has Marco collected from the players whose equipment he has worked on?

    -Marco has collected a pair of gloves from Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Alexander Ovechkin, as well as a stick from Marian Hossa. He has also worked on equipment for other notable players and teams.

πŸ› οΈ Master Craftsman of Hockey Gear

Marco Argentino, a Montreal native and CCM's prototype fabricator and senior technician, discusses his diverse role in creating and modifying professional hockey gear. His expertise stems from his father, a master shoemaker from Italy, who taught him the trade at a young age. Marco's journey includes sharpening skates for the pros, including the Montreal Canadiens, and working with major equipment companies like CCM, Bauer, and Easton. His work extends to customizing gear for players' specific needs, attending to injuries, and even enabling players with disabilities to continue playing hockey. Marco's passion for his work is evident as he takes pride in helping athletes perform at their best.

πŸ’ Superstitious Players and Gear Customization

This paragraph delves into the unique preferences and superstitions of professional hockey players when it comes to their gear. Marco shares anecdotes about players like John Tavares who have specific routines and beliefs about their equipment, such as rotating gloves every few weeks or sticking to the same pair of skates for an entire season. He also recounts a humorous story about a player's 'lucky lace' and the importance of not altering a player's pre-game routine. Marco emphasizes the significance of equipment in a player's performance, highlighting the CCM Hi-Ji 12 glove as a favorite among NHL players for its feel and performance.

πŸŽ–οΈ From Pro-Level to Retail: The Evolution of Hockey Gear

Marco explains the process of designing and producing hockey gear, starting with the high-end models tailored for professional athletes and then 'dressing down' the designs for retail versions at various price points. He discusses the customization options available for professional players, such as different palm materials and glove features, which are not as readily available to the retail market. Marco also touches on the importance of consistency in gear for players and the challenges of meeting their specific needs and maintaining their performance level on the ice.

πŸ‘ Customizing for Performance and Protection

In this paragraph, Marco shares stories of customizing equipment for specific players to enhance their performance and protect them from injuries. He talks about modifying a jockstrap for a player who blocks slap shots and rebuilding an older model skate for a player's balance. Marco also describes his experience working with legendary players like Paul Coffey and the memorable moments he had with hockey greats like Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. He concludes by mentioning some of the top NHL players he has worked for, emphasizing the personalized nature of his work and the satisfaction he derives from helping players perform at their best.

πŸ’‘Prototype Fabricator
A prototype fabricator is a professional who creates and constructs prototypes, which are preliminary models of products. In the context of the video, Marco Argentine is a prototype fabricator at CCM, meaning he is responsible for developing and building early versions of sports equipment, particularly for hockey. His role involves creating and adjusting gear such as skates and gloves to meet the specific needs of professional athletes.
πŸ’‘Senior Technician
A senior technician is an experienced professional who provides technical expertise and support, often overseeing technical operations or mentoring junior staff. Marco identifies as a senior technician for the pro department at CCM, indicating that he has advanced skills and knowledge in his field and likely supervises or advises others in the creation and modification of sports equipment.
Customization refers to the process of tailoring products or services to meet the specific needs or preferences of an individual. In the video, Marco discusses how he customizes hockey gear for players, such as gloves and skates, by altering their design and materials to fit the unique requirements of professional athletes, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.
πŸ’‘Equipment Manager
An equipment manager is responsible for overseeing the equipment used by a sports team, ensuring it is in good condition and suitable for players' needs. The script mentions that Marco had interactions with equipment managers from various teams, indicating that his role involves collaborating with these professionals to provide customized and well-maintained gear for athletes.
πŸ’‘Hockey Skates
Hockey skates are a type of footwear specifically designed for the sport of ice hockey. They are an essential piece of equipment for players and are subject to high levels of wear and tear. Marco's expertise includes sharpening and modifying hockey skates, as he learned from his father and later provided services to professional players, including those from the Montreal Canadiens.
Superstition refers to a belief or behavior based on irrational or supernatural ideas, often related to luck or ritual. In the context of the video, Marco talks about how hockey players can be superstitious about their gear, such as laces or the condition of their equipment, suggesting that changes to these elements can affect their performance or luck on the ice.
πŸ’‘All-Star Game
The All-Star Game is a showcase event in sports where the best players are selected to participate, often involving special exhibitions or games. Marco mentions attending multiple All-Star Games, which implies that he has been recognized for his expertise and contributions to the sport as a fabricator of high-quality hockey equipment.
Modifications are changes made to something to improve it or to make it suitable for a new purpose. Marco discusses making various modifications to hockey gear, such as adding extra protection or altering the design of gloves and skates. These modifications are crucial for accommodating the specific needs and preferences of individual players.
πŸ’‘Injury Accommodation
Injury accommodation refers to adjustments made to equipment or activities to assist individuals who have suffered an injury. Marco shares a story about customizing a glove for a player with an upper body injury, demonstrating his ability to adapt equipment to help athletes continue playing despite physical setbacks.
πŸ’‘Sewing Machine
A sewing machine is a device used for stitching materials together, which is essential in the creation and modification of clothing and gear. Marco mentions his love for his sewing machine and lab, indicating that these tools are fundamental to his work in fabricating and customizing hockey equipment.
πŸ’‘Professional Athlete
A professional athlete is an individual who participates in sports at a high level and earns a living from it. The video's theme revolves around Marco's work with professional athletes, particularly hockey players, and how he customizes their gear to enhance their performance and comfort on the ice.

Marco Argentino is a prototype fabricator and senior technician at CCM with a versatile skill set in skate and glove modifications.

Marco's expertise is rooted in his father's mastery as a shoemaker and their family shoe repair shop in Verdun, a hockey hub.

At 12 years old, Marco began learning the trade by sharpening his first pair of skates under his father's guidance.

Marco's connections with the Montreal Canadiens led to him becoming the unofficial repair guy for the team from 1991 to 2004.

He has worked with major equipment companies such as CCM, Bauer, and Easton, showcasing his industry influence.

Marco transitioned to CCM during the 2004 lockout, leveraging his experience to innovate in the hockey gear industry.

He has attended one Olympics and eight all-star games, highlighting his esteemed reputation in the field.

Marco's role involves customizing gear to player specifications, including protection, padding, and flex.

Injury accommodations are part of his customizations, such as modifying gloves for players with hand injuries.

Marco has been in the industry for 35 years, emphasizing his extensive experience and skill.

Equipment superstitions among players are common, and Marco respects their routines and preferences.

He shares anecdotes of players like John Tavares and their unique equipment rotation habits.

Marco discusses the importance of equipment feel and performance, particularly with the CCM HiJi-12 glove.

The process of customizing gloves for new players involves stripping down and rebuilding to meet their needs.

Marco emphasizes the importance of consistency in customizing gear for professional athletes.

He provides insights into how high-end models are developed for professional athletes and then adapted for retail.

Marco shares stories of unique customizations, including modifying a jockstrap for a player blocking slap shots.

He offers a tutorial on skate sharpening, showcasing his willingness to educate and share his expertise.

Marco has worked with and collected souvenirs from top NHL players, underlining his integral role in the hockey community.

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