50 Home Hacks that ACTUALLY WORK!

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24 Jan 202252:45
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TLDRThis video script is a treasure trove of creative home hacks that can transform your living space with ease and affordability. From using rechargeable LED bulbs to clever storage solutions like napkin organizers and binder clips for small bags, each hack is designed to simplify and beautify your home. Learn how to make floral arrangements, secure chip bags, and even create a chic centerpiece with a drainage plate. Discover the secret to fluffy towels, the perfect bow, and how to hang decor without damaging walls. Plus, explore hacks for your car, like a purse hammock, and tricks for maintaining paint freshness and cleaning wooden furniture. These hacks are not just practical; they add a touch of elegance and personal style to everyday items, making your home a reflection of your creativity.

  • πŸ’‘ A rechargeable LED bulb from Amazon can be used to light up lamps without an outlet nearby by attaching a piece to the cord and hiding it.
  • πŸ“ Painters tape can be used on a drill bit to control the depth of drilling, ensuring a precise measurement by stopping when the tape is reached.
  • πŸ’ A large bowl with scotch tape creating a grid on the bottom can be used to make fuller and more stable floral arrangements.
  • πŸ—ƒοΈ Dollar tree napkin organizers can be attached with zip ties to create an organizer for lids in the pantry or to store hand towels in the bathroom.
  • 🍞 A simple twist and fold technique can be used to keep bread fresh without relying on bread ties.
  • πŸ“¦ Dog nail clippers can be repurposed to cut through thick materials like bamboo skewers or dowel rods, and even floral stems.
  • πŸ› οΈ An old can of WD-40 can be cleaned and repurposed to top off spray paint for a more streamlined painting finish.
  • 🏺 IKEA jars can be used as an affordable alternative to high-end glass containers with black lids for pantry or kitchen storage.
  • πŸ’§ Magazine holders can be used to organize water bottles in cabinets or drawers, preventing them from rolling around and getting lost.
  • πŸ‘— Long dresses can be organized in the closet by adding an additional hanger and looping the bottom part of the dress through it to save space.
  • 🎨 Daylight bulbs with a higher Kelvin temperature provide a brighter, more open light in rooms like the kitchen, while warmer lights can create a cozy atmosphere in living spaces.
Q & A
  • What is the purpose of using a rechargeable LED bulb in the hack mentioned in the script?

    -The rechargeable LED bulb is used as a hack to power a lamp in locations where there is no available outlet. It can be screwed into the lamp and charged when needed, providing a convenient lighting solution without the need for an electrical outlet nearby.

  • How does the script suggest measuring a specific depth for drilling into wood?

    -The script suggests using a tape measure to determine the desired depth, marking that measurement on the drill bit with painter's tape, and then stopping when the drill bit reaches the tape. This ensures the drill bit goes down to the exact measurement needed.

  • What material is recommended for creating a floral arrangement in a large bowl according to the script?

    -The script recommends using any sort of scotch tape to create a grid on the bowl. This helps the florals stand up more nicely and be fuller in the center when arranged.

  • How can napkin organizers from the dollar tree be repurposed for organization as mentioned in the script?

    -The script suggests using zip ties to attach napkin organizers together and then cutting off the excess zip ties. This creation can be used to organize lids in a pantry or to store hand towels in a bathroom.

  • What is the solution provided in the script for keeping bread fresh when the bread ties are lost or not reliable?

    -The script recommends twisting the bread bag and then pulling the upper portion down over the bread. This creates a tight and compact seal that keeps the bread fresh without needing a bread tie.

  • What alternative use for dog nail clippers is suggested in the script?

    -The script suggests using dog nail clippers as a tool for cutting through thick pieces of wood, such as bamboo skewers or dowel rods, and also for cutting florals, providing a multifunctional use for this tool.

  • How can an old can of WD-40 be repurposed according to the script?

    -The script suggests rinsing out an old can of WD-40 and then using it as a topper for spray paint. This gives the spray paint a streamlined application similar to that of a paint sprayer.

  • What is the script's suggestion for creating a high-end look for storage containers without spending too much?

    -The script recommends using glass containers with lids from IKEA, removing the stickers, and spray painting the lids with flat black spray paint to achieve a high-end look at a lower cost.

  • How can magazine holders be used to organize water bottles as per the script?

    -The script suggests placing magazine holders into a cabinet or drawer and then inserting water bottles inside. This prevents the bottles from rolling around and keeps them organized and easily accessible.

  • What is the script's suggestion for dealing with long dresses in the closet that hang too low?

    -The script suggests using an additional hanger and looping the bottom part of the dress through it. When hung up, this prevents the dress from taking up extra room and keeps the lower part off the ground.

πŸ’‘ Innovative Home Hacks

This paragraph introduces several ingenious home hacks. The first hack involves using a rechargeable LED bulb to create a portable lamp without needing an outlet. The second hack shows how to use painter's tape to ensure precise drill bit depth. Another hack demonstrates creating a floral arrangement using a bowl and Scotch tape to form a grid for better floral stability. Additionally, using dollar store napkin organizers and zip ties helps organize pantry lids and hand towels. A trick to secure bread by twisting the bag and pulling it over itself is also shared.

🐢 Dog Nail Clippers and More

This paragraph showcases how dog nail clippers can be repurposed for cutting wood and floral stems easily. Another tip involves repurposing an old WD-40 can sprayer for smoother spray painting. Additionally, IKEA jars are transformed into high-end looking kitchen containers by spray painting the lids black. The paragraph also includes a tip on organizing water bottles using magazine holders and a trick to keep long dresses off the ground using additional hangers.

πŸ’‘ Lighting and Multifunctional Decor

The focus here is on optimizing home lighting with daylight bulbs for a bright feel and warmer lights for coziness. It emphasizes using multifunctional decor items like books for storage and a bread box to hide electronics. It also introduces a rechargeable USB lighter for convenient lighting and a surprising hack using walnuts to remove scratches from wood floors. Lastly, a tip for preserving paint freshness using cling wrap and a method for fancy towel folding are shared.

🏠 Organizing and Crafting Hacks

This paragraph suggests using a paper towel holder to organize trash bags, creating a paint stain effect with acrylic paints, and using a shower caddy for organizing school supplies. It also provides a method to hang small bags using a tension rod and binder clips, a car hack to create a purse hammock, and tips on balancing home decor for a cohesive look. Additionally, it explains a drilling hack to prevent wood splitting.

πŸ›  DIY Home Improvements

Home improvement tips include storing paint in glass jars to keep it fresh, weighing down outdoor planters to prevent them from blowing away, and removing decals from containers using paint stripper. It also discusses using binder clips to hold curtain pleats, making easy bows with wired ribbon and zip ties, and adding gripping pads to chairs to prevent them from sliding.

🌿 Creative Home Decor Ideas

Creative ideas for home decor include making color block vases using spray paint and using drainage plates as outdoor centerpieces. It also features a hack for hanging items perfectly straight using painter's tape, securing organizers with poster putty, and tying balloons using a hanger. Additionally, a method to elevate plants in baskets and a hack for securing chip bags without clips are presented.

πŸ”¨ Handy Hacks for Everyday Problems

This section provides various handy hacks, such as cleaning pine cones with water and vinegar for decor, making the house smell good with a simmering pot of oranges and cinnamon, and installing inexpensive LED picture lights. It also includes creating a monotone book collection for decor by painting thrift store books and choosing larger pillow inserts for fuller pillows.

🚽 Bathroom and DIY Hacks

Bathroom decor tips include using clear containers for soap displays and a fork hack to hang pictures easily. It also shares a DIY fabric spray recipe for freshening up linens, an organization hack using spray-painted glass containers, and buying air filters in bulk for easier maintenance. Additionally, it includes rejuvenating a wood cutting board with sandpaper and olive oil.

🧼 Cleaning and Organization Tips

This final paragraph offers cleaning and organization tips, such as designating specific cleaning rags stored under the kitchen sink for streamlined cleaning. It emphasizes the importance of having dedicated cleaning supplies and knowing their storage locations for efficiency.

πŸ’‘LED Bulb
An LED bulb is a type of light bulb that uses light-emitting diodes to produce light. In the video's context, it is used as a rechargeable solution for situations where there is no available outlet nearby. The script mentions using a rechargeable LED bulb from Amazon that can be screwed into a lamp and charged as needed, exemplifying a creative home hack for lighting.
πŸ’‘Drill Bit
A drill bit is a cutting tool used in drilling operations to create holes in various materials. The video describes a hack for controlling the depth a drill bit penetrates into wood. By using a tape measure and painter's tape on the drill bit, one can ensure the bit only goes down to a specific measurement, which is particularly useful for precision tasks.
πŸ’‘Floral Arrangement
A floral arrangement is an artistic design of flowers and other elements arranged in a decorative manner. The script provides a home hack for creating a beautiful floral arrangement using a large bowl, scotch tape to create a grid, and florals from a craft store. This hack demonstrates a creative and cost-effective way to enhance home aesthetics.
An organizer is a tool or system used to arrange and tidy items for easier access and use. The video mentions several organizers, such as napkin organizers from the dollar tree used for pantry and bathroom storage, and magazine holders repurposed for organizing water bottles. These examples illustrate the theme of repurposing and organizing as a means to create an efficient living space.
πŸ’‘Daylight Bulbs
Daylight bulbs are a type of light bulb designed to mimic natural daylight, typically with a color temperature around 5000 Kelvin. The video emphasizes the importance of using daylight bulbs in rooms like the kitchen to create a bright and open atmosphere, enhancing the home's lighting and mood.
πŸ’‘Multifunctional Decor
Multifunctional decor refers to decorative items that also serve a practical purpose. The script provides examples such as a book used for storing remotes and a bread box for hiding bread. These items contribute to the home's aesthetic while offering utility, embodying the video's theme of practical creativity.
πŸ’‘USB Lighter
A USB lighter is a rechargeable device that functions like a traditional lighter but is charged via a USB port. The video highlights the benefits of using a USB lighter, such as affordability, safety due to a greater distance from the flame, and convenience for tasks like lighting barbecues or candles.
In the video, walnuts are presented as an unconventional solution for removing scratches from wooden floors. The script describes a hack where rubbing a walnut on a scratch can apparently remove it, showcasing an example of an unexpected home remedy.
πŸ’‘Saran Wrap
Saran wrap, or cling film, is used in the video as a hack to extend the freshness of leftover paint. By laying a flat piece of saran wrap on top of the paint and then replacing the lid, the paint is said to stay fresher for longer periods, illustrating a practical tip for home maintenance and DIY projects.
πŸ’‘Binder Clips
Binder clips are used in various hacks throughout the script, such as holding pleats in curtains and securing trash bags on a paper towel holder. These clips are highlighted as versatile tools for a range of organizational and decorative purposes, reflecting the video's theme of ingenuity in home management.
πŸ’‘Scotch Gripping Pads
Scotch gripping pads are adhesive pads used to prevent furniture from sliding. The video describes using these pads on the bottom of a chair leg to stop it from rolling back and damaging the wall, demonstrating a practical solution to a common household problem.
πŸ’‘Color Block Vases
Color block vases are a home decor trend where vases are painted in blocks of contrasting colors. The script details a DIY method to create this effect using painter's tape and spray paint, showing how to achieve trendy decor on a budget.

Using a rechargeable LED bulb from Amazon to create outdoor lighting without an outlet.

Measuring and marking a drill bit with painter's tape for precise drilling depth.

Creating a floral arrangement in a large bowl with scotch tape grid for structural support.

Organizing lids in a pantry using dollar tree napkin organizers and zip ties.

Securing bread freshness with a twist and pull method without using bread ties.

Repurposing dog nail clippers for cutting wood, florals, and other thick materials.

Transforming old WD-40 cans into spray paint toppers for a streamlined painting effect.

Upcycling IKEA jars with spray-painted lids for a versatile storage solution.

Utilizing magazine holders to organize water bottles in cabinets or drawers.

Efficiently storing long dresses in the closet with a double hanger method.

Repurposing home decor items for multi-functional use, such as a bowl for keys or essential oils.

Optimizing lighting in the home with daylight bulbs for brightness and warmer lights for coziness.

Using rechargeable USB lighters for a safe and affordable lighting solution.

Removing scratches from wood floors using walnuts as an unconventional hack.

Preserving leftover paint with saran wrap to maintain freshness for future use.

Folding towels with a fancy roll for display in bathrooms or for guests.

Organizing trash bags with a paper towel holder for easy access and cleanliness.

Creating a faux paint stain effect on wood using dollar tree acrylic paint and a rag.

Transforming a shower caddy into a homework caddy for kids with various school and office supplies.

Managing small bags in the pantry with a tension rod and binder clips for easy access.

Creating a purse hammock with a car accessory for keeping purses secure and out of the way.

Incorporating hand sanitizer in a car using a container that fits in a cup holder for convenience.

Achieving balanced home decor by distributing items evenly and using matching elements.

Preventing wood splitting when drilling by using a scrap piece of wood underneath.

Storing leftover paint in reusable glass jars for longer freshness.

Securing outdoor plants with canned goods or weights to prevent them from blowing away.

Removing unwanted decals from containers with paint stripper for a refreshed look.

Using binder clips to hold pleats in curtains for a neat and attractive appearance.

Creating bows easily with wired ribbon, a zip tie, and some fluffing.

Stopping chairs from rolling back and damaging walls with scotch gripping pads.

DIY color block vases with thrift store finds and spray paint for a trendy home decor piece.

Crafting a centerpiece for outdoor patios using a drainage plate and succulent plants.

Hanging items straight with the help of painters tape and a sharpie marker.

Securing organizers in place with poster putty for tidy drawers and cabinets.

Tying balloons easily with an old hanger to create a loop for knotting.

Elevating the appearance of plants with a creative basket, filler, and moss combination.

Securing chip bags with a cut triangle and a tight knot instead of a clip.

Cleaning pine cones with a vinegar and water solution for bug-free fall and winter decor.

Making the home smell amazing with a stovetop pot of oranges, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla extract.

Creating a gallery light effect with a battery-operated wall light and DIY antique gold finish.

Creating a monotone book collection for decor with thrift store books and various shades of gray paint.

Enhancing the look of a pillow cover by using a larger insert size for a fluffier appearance.

Decorating the bathroom with clear containers filled with inexpensive soaps for a practical and attractive look.

Hanging wire picture hangers easily with a fork and a nail for a simple and effective method.

Making a DIY fabric spray with rubbing alcohol, essential oils, and distilled water for refreshed linens.

Transforming square glassware into organized office supplies storage with spray paint and adhesive.

Remembering to change air filters with a year's supply of filters marked with the month for convenience.

Reviving a scratched wood cutting board with sandpaper and olive oil for a renewed look.

Streamlining cleaning with designated blue kitchen rags stored under the kitchen sink for all cleaning tasks.

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