I Quit My Teaching Job Mid Year…

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14 Dec 202312:20
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TLDRBrooklyn, a first-grade teacher in Middle Tennessee, shares her decision to quit teaching in this heartfelt video. Despite previous experiences with kindergarten and third grade, she finds herself unable to embrace the love for teaching in her current environment. After giving over a month's notice and facing unsupportive reactions, she details the lack of respect from students and absence of administrative support, which has led to her resignation. She also mentions the impact of stress on her health, including a resurgence of chronic hives. As she prepares to leave the profession, she plans to continue vlogging until the end of the month, reflecting on her journey and sharing her next steps.

  • 🎓 Brooklyn, the first-grade teacher in Middle Tennessee, has decided to quit teaching.
  • 📚 Brooklyn previously taught third grade and kindergarten and had a contract that was not renewed.
  • 📅 She will be turning in her keys at the end of the school day on December 20th, before winter break.
  • 🤔 Brooklyn is leaving the profession due to a lack of support and respect from students and administration.
  • 👦🏻 She has faced disrespectful behavior from students, with no consequences for their actions.
  • 🚫 Brooklyn has been in a situation where a student was dangerous, and her concerns were not addressed adequately.
  • 🗣️ She reported incidents of misbehavior but felt that the school's response was insufficient and dismissive.
  • 🏥 Brooklyn's health has been negatively impacted, with multiple illnesses and a flare-up of her chronic skin condition.
  • 💔 The stress of the job has led to a loss of love for teaching and a decision to resign.
  • 🌐 She is unsure of her next steps but is looking into opportunities both in Tennessee and Florida.
  • 📹 Brooklyn will continue to vlog until the end of the month, including a classroom cleanout and saying goodbye to her students.
Q & A
  • Who is the speaker in the video?

    -The speaker in the video is Brooklyn, a first-grade teacher based in Middle Tennessee.

  • What significant decision has Brooklyn made regarding her career?

    -Brooklyn has decided to quit her teaching career.

  • What were Brooklyn's previous teaching positions?

    -Brooklyn has previously taught third grade and kindergarten.

  • Why did Brooklyn's contract not get renewed at her previous positions?

    -Brooklyn's contract was not renewed because she was hoping to find something better, like a different school or grade level, with a different principal.

  • What is the date when Brooklyn plans to turn in her keys at school?

    -Brooklyn plans to turn in her keys on December 20th.

  • How did Brooklyn's principal react to her decision to quit?

    -Brooklyn's principal did not support her decision and made her feel guilty.

  • What was the initial period like when Brooklyn started teaching first grade?

    -The first two to three weeks were like a honeymoon period, where everything was perfect.

  • What issues has Brooklyn faced with her students?

    -Brooklyn faced issues such as lack of respect from some students, dangerous behavior, and lack of support from administration and parents.

  • What was the situation with the student who was being dangerous?

    -The student was throwing objects like crayons, shoes, and chairs, and there were no consequences for their actions.

  • What did Brooklyn discuss with her principal during her interview?

    -During the interview, Brooklyn discussed her concerns about being supported and not being put in a dangerous position, to which the principal assured her that such issues would not occur.

  • How did the school administration handle incidents involving students' misbehavior?

    -The administration often did not take appropriate action, sometimes even rewarding the misbehavior with candy or not addressing it at all.

  • What impact has the teaching environment had on Brooklyn's health?

    -The stress from the teaching environment has led to Brooklyn falling sick multiple times and has exacerbated her chronic hives condition.

  • What are Brooklyn's plans after quitting her teaching job?

    -Brooklyn is unsure of her exact plans but is looking into opportunities in Tennessee and Florida.

  • How will Brooklyn's channel content change after quitting teaching?

    -Brooklyn will continue vlogging until the end of the month, including a classroom cleanout video and telling her kids about her decision.

📚 Resignation from Teaching

Brooklyn, a first-grade teacher in Middle Tennessee, announces her decision to quit teaching. She explains that despite having taught various grades and trying different schools and environments, she has not found a situation where she feels fully supported and able to embrace her love for teaching. She mentions a lack of respect from some students and a lack of support from the administration, which has led to her decision to leave by the end of her contract. She also discusses the stress and health issues she has faced, including a skin condition exacerbated by stress, and her realization that teaching is no longer the right career path for her.

🚨 Unsafe Classroom Conditions

Brooklyn details the dangerous and disruptive behaviors she has encountered in her classroom, such as students throwing chairs and shoes, and screaming at her. She describes how these incidents have been met with inadequate responses from the school administration, leading to a lack of consequences for the students' actions. She also recounts specific incidents where her concerns were not addressed, and how the school's handling of these situations has contributed to her decision to resign. Brooklyn had previously communicated her need for a supportive work environment during her interview, but the school has failed to uphold its promises.

🏥 Health Impacts of Teaching

Brooklyn discusses the negative impact that her stressful teaching environment has had on her health. She mentions being frequently sick with illnesses such as bronchitis and upper respiratory infections, which have been difficult to recover from. Additionally, she talks about her chronic skin condition, chronic idiopathic urticaria, which has flared up due to stress. These health issues have further convinced her that continuing in her teaching career would be detrimental to her well-being.

Teaching is the act of imparting knowledge, skills, and values to students through various educational methods. In the video, the narrator, Brooklyn, discusses her decision to quit teaching, which is central to the theme of the video. She mentions her experiences teaching different grades, including first, third, and kindergarten, and her struggles with the profession.
A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that defines the terms and conditions of a particular arrangement. In the context of the video, Brooklyn mentions that she stayed until the end of her contract in her previous teaching positions but was not renewed, which led her to seek new opportunities.
Resignation refers to the act of formally indicating one's intention to leave a job or position. Brooklyn's decision to resign from her teaching position is a key point in the video. She explains that she has given her principal over a month's notice, indicating her intention to leave in a professional manner.
💡Behavior Management
Behavior management involves strategies and techniques used by educators to guide and modify student behavior in a classroom setting. The video discusses Brooklyn's dissatisfaction with the lack of support and effective behavior management plans, as she describes incidents where students exhibited disrespect and dangerous behavior without appropriate consequences.
Support in this context refers to the assistance and backing provided by colleagues, administrators, or parents to help manage and improve classroom conditions. Brooklyn expresses disappointment with the lack of support she received, particularly from higher-ups and parents, when dealing with challenging student behavior.
💡Classroom Environment
The classroom environment encompasses the physical, social, and psychological conditions within a learning space. Brooklyn talks about her attempts to create a positive classroom environment, including establishing rules and expectations with her students, but she faces challenges due to students' disrespect and lack of adherence to these norms.
Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from demanding circumstances. The video highlights how the stress of teaching, particularly dealing with challenging behaviors and lack of support, has negatively impacted Brooklyn's physical and mental health, contributing to her decision to quit.
💡Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria is a medical condition characterized by the frequent appearance of hives without a known cause. Brooklyn mentions this condition as an example of how stress from her job has affected her health, causing her to experience outbreaks of hives after being medication-free.
Vlogging is the act of creating and sharing video blogs, often documenting personal experiences or interests. Brooklyn has been vlogging her journey as a teacher, sharing daily experiences and struggles, which provides viewers with an in-depth look into her decision to quit teaching.
Professionalism refers to the conduct, aims, and qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. In the video, Brooklyn emphasizes her commitment to leaving her job in a professional manner, despite feeling unsupported and unappreciated, by giving ample notice and trying to handle the situation appropriately.
Expectations in an educational context refer to the standards or levels of performance that teachers and students agree upon. Brooklyn discusses the establishment of classroom expectations with her students, which they did not uphold, leading to a disconnect between the desired classroom environment and the reality.

Brooklyn, a first-grade teacher in Middle Tennessee, announces her decision to quit teaching.

She previously taught third grade and kindergarten, and her contract was not renewed at her previous positions.

Brooklyn expected a new environment would reignite her passion for teaching, but it did not happen.

She will be turning in her keys at the end of the school day on December 20th.

Brooklyn gave her principal over a month's notice and did not receive support for her decision to quit.

She experienced guilt-tripping from her principal, which she found unprofessional.

Brooklyn has been vlogging her teaching journey for the past 3 to 4 months.

She describes a lack of respect from some students and a lack of support from administration.

Brooklyn mentions specific incidents where student behavior was dangerous and unaddressed.

She had a prior bad experience in kindergarten with a dangerous student and lack of support.

Brooklyn accepted the first-grade teaching position with assurances from the principal that past issues would not recur.

Despite assurances, the same issues of dangerous student behavior and lack of support have arisen.

She has been more sick in the past 3 months than ever before, attributing it to stress.

Brooklyn suffers from chronic hives, which have flared up due to stress from her teaching job.

She has submitted her resignation and is uncertain about her future plans.

Brooklyn will continue vlogging until the end of the month, including a classroom cleanout video.

She asks for kindness in the comments and acknowledges the difficulty of her decision.

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