Facebook AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Has Gone! Find Facebook Targeting Options This Way Instead...

Ben Heath
23 Aug 202117:05
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TLDRBen Heath from Lead Guru discusses the retirement of Facebook's Audience Insights tool and explores new methods for finding effective Facebook targeting options for businesses. He guides through the limitations of the new Facebook Insights tool and emphasizes the use of Ads Manager for detailed targeting. Heath suggests testing various targeting options and focusing on look-alike audiences for optimal ad campaign results post the loss of Audience Insights.

  • 🚫 Facebook has retired its Audience Insights tool, which was previously used for finding high-quality Facebook targeting options.
  • πŸ” The new Facebook Insights tool is not a suitable replacement for the old Audience Insights, lacking the same level of detail and specificity.
  • πŸ“Š The new tool's 'Potential Audience' section provides generic data that may not be useful for targeted advertising.
  • 🎯 To find effective Facebook targeting options now, advertisers should use Facebook's Ad Manager and search for industry-related terms.
  • πŸ“ Create a list of 10-20 potential targeting options based on industry-specific searches within the Ad Manager's detailed targeting section.
  • πŸ”Ž Filter the list by audience size, discarding options with too small or too large of an audience for the desired target demographic.
  • 🚦 Test each targeting option individually in separate ad sets to accurately measure their performance.
  • πŸ“ˆ After testing, focus on the top-performing targeting options and eliminate those that underperform.
  • πŸ’‘ Look-alike audiences, based on previous customers or leads, are likely to yield the best results in Facebook advertising.
  • πŸ›  Despite the loss of Audience Insights, there are still effective ways to find and test targeting options for successful Facebook ad campaigns.
  • 🀝 For businesses seeking professional assistance, specialized Facebook and Instagram advertising agencies like Lead Guru can help manage and optimize campaigns.
Q & A
  • What significant change has Facebook made regarding their audience insights tool?

    -Facebook has retired their audience insights tool, which used to be a valuable resource for finding high-quality Facebook targeting options.

  • What is the new tool that Facebook introduced after retiring audience insights?

    -Facebook introduced a new tool called 'Facebook Insights' with an audience section, but it is not a direct replacement for the old audience insights tool.

  • Why is the new Facebook Insights tool not considered a suitable replacement for audience insights?

    -The new Facebook Insights tool lacks the same level of detailed information and specificity that audience insights provided, making it less effective for finding targeted options for advertising.

  • How does the speaker suggest finding Facebook targeting options without audience insights?

    -The speaker suggests using the Facebook Ads Manager and searching for terms related to one's business to find targeting options that can deliver good results.

  • What is the process for identifying potential Facebook targeting options according to the speaker?

    -The process involves searching for 10 to 20 terms related to one's industry within the 'Detailed Targeting' section of Facebook Ads Manager and selecting options that are intuitively relevant and representative of the target audience.

  • How does one determine the appropriate audience size for targeting?

    -The speaker suggests looking for audience sizes that are neither too small nor too large, with a minimum threshold of around 250,000 to 500,000 for the UK, depending on the industry and advertising goals.

  • What is the recommended approach for testing different targeting options?

    -Create separate ad sets for each targeting option to avoid blended results, allowing for a clearer understanding of which options perform best and which should be discarded.

  • What is the significance of look-alike audiences in Facebook advertising?

    -Look-alike audiences, based on previous customers or leads, are almost always the best targeting options as they tend to produce the best results in advertising campaigns.

  • How soon can one expect to transition from interest targeting to look-alike audiences?

    -The transition can happen relatively quickly, depending on the budget and the number of conversions generated, with the speaker suggesting a switch once there are around 200 purchases or leads.

  • What service does the speaker's company, Lead Guru, offer?

    -Lead Guru is a specialist Facebook and Instagram advertising agency that creates, manages, and optimizes campaigns for clients across various industries.

  • What is the minimum budget requirement for working with Lead Guru?

    -Lead Guru requires a minimum budget of Β£3,000 per month for their services.

πŸ›‘ Discontinuation of Facebook Audience Insights

Ben Heath from Lead Guru discusses the retirement of Facebook's Audience Insights tool, which was crucial for identifying high-quality Facebook targeting options. He explains how the tool's disappearance necessitates new approaches to Facebook targeting research. Demonstrating within an example ad account, Heath shows that Audience Insights has been replaced by a new, less effective tool within Facebook Insights, specifically criticizing its inability to provide relevant and specific targeting data like the former tool. The video aims to guide viewers on adjusting to these changes and finding new methods for targeting on Facebook.

πŸ” Finding New Facebook Targeting Options

Heath explains how to find effective Facebook targeting options post the discontinuation of Audience Insights. He suggests using Facebook's Ads Manager as the primary tool for this purpose. Demonstrating with a hypothetical soccer-related business, he illustrates how to search for relevant targeting options in Ads Manager's detailed targeting section, emphasizing the importance of industry knowledge and instinct in selecting viable options. Heath walks through the process of identifying and noting down potential targeting categories related to one's business.

πŸ“Š Evaluating and Testing Facebook Targeting Options

The video details the process of evaluating the size of potential audiences and the importance of testing each targeting option separately in Facebook Ads Manager. Heath emphasizes avoiding overly small audience sizes and the value of running tests on selected interests to determine their effectiveness. He recommends creating individual ad sets for each targeting option to accurately gauge their performance. The segment highlights the need for continuous testing and refinement in targeting strategy, especially in the absence of Facebook Audience Insights.

πŸš€ Leveraging Look-Alike Audiences and Final Recommendations

Heath concludes by stressing the effectiveness of look-alike audiences over traditional targeting methods, especially after the initial data collection phase. He advocates for the strategic use of look-alike audiences based on prior customer behavior to achieve better advertising results on Facebook. Additionally, he promotes his company, Lead Guru, offering specialized Facebook and Instagram advertising services, and encourages viewers with sufficient budgets to consider partnering with them for improved ad performance.

πŸ’‘Facebook Audience Insights
Facebook Audience Insights was a tool provided by Facebook to help advertisers understand their potential audiences, including demographics, interests, and behaviors, by analyzing aggregated Facebook user data. In the video, the narrator discusses its retirement and the impact on finding high-quality Facebook targeting options. This tool was essential for advertisers to refine their targeting strategies by uncovering detailed insights about their audience's preferences and online behavior.
πŸ’‘Targeting Options
Targeting options refer to the criteria that advertisers can use to define who sees their advertisements on Facebook, including interests, demographics, and behaviors. The video emphasizes the importance of identifying effective targeting options to ensure ads are shown to users likely to be interested in the business's products or services. The retirement of Facebook Audience Insights has necessitated finding new ways to identify these targeting options.
πŸ’‘Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights is the tool that replaced Audience Insights, providing data and analytics about a Facebook page's performance but, as highlighted in the video, it falls short as a direct replacement for the detailed audience analysis previously offered by Audience Insights. The video critiques this new tool for its lack of specificity and effectiveness in identifying high-affinity targeting options for advertisers.
πŸ’‘Ads Manager
Ads Manager is a Facebook tool for creating, managing, and analyzing advertisements. In the video, the narrator explains how, despite the loss of Audience Insights, Ads Manager can still be used to explore and identify potential targeting options by manually searching for interests and behaviors related to the business's products or services.
πŸ’‘Detailed Targeting
Detailed targeting in the context of Facebook advertising involves specifying the interests, demographics, and behaviors of the audience you want to reach with your ads. The video describes using Ads Manager's detailed targeting section to manually search for and select these criteria to find relevant targeting options for campaigns.
πŸ’‘Testing Process
The testing process, as described in the video, involves creating ad sets with different targeting options to see which ones perform best. This method allows advertisers to empirically determine the effectiveness of each targeting option and refine their strategy based on data-driven insights. The narrator emphasizes the importance of testing multiple targeting options individually to get accurate performance data.
πŸ’‘Look-alike Audiences
Look-alike audiences are a Facebook ad targeting option that allows advertisers to reach new users who share similar characteristics with their existing customers. The video suggests that, ultimately, look-alike audiences based on previous customers or leads are likely to perform better than any interest or demographic targeting, indicating a shift towards this strategy once a sufficient conversion base is established.
πŸ’‘Audience Size
Audience size refers to the estimated number of users who fit the criteria of a specific targeting option on Facebook. The video discusses the importance of considering audience size when selecting targeting options, advising against choosing ones that are too small to be effective and highlighting the need for a balance between specificity and reach.
πŸ’‘Interest Targeting
Interest targeting involves selecting targeting options based on what Facebook users have expressed an interest in, either through their online activity or page likes. The video describes using interest targeting to find relevant audiences for advertising campaigns, particularly in the absence of Audience Insights, by manually exploring interests in Ads Manager.
πŸ’‘Conversion Campaigns
Conversion campaigns are a type of Facebook advertising campaign with the goal of encouraging users to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. The video briefly mentions creating a conversion campaign as part of demonstrating how to explore targeting options in Ads Manager, underscoring the end goal of driving specific outcomes with Facebook ads.

Facebook has retired their Audience Insights tool, which was previously used to find high-quality Facebook targeting options.

The new Facebook Insights tool is not a suitable replacement for the old Audience Insights tool.

The potential audience section in the new Facebook Insights tool does not provide the same detailed targeting options as the old tool.

The new tool lacks the high affinity score that was used in the old Audience Insights to find highly relevant targeting options.

The process of finding Facebook targeting options has changed and now involves using the Ads Manager.

Ads Manager can be used to find targeting options by searching for industry-related terms and selecting relevant ones.

It's important to test different targeting options by creating separate ad sets for each to determine which ones perform best.

Look-alike audiences, based on previous customers, are likely to be the best targeting options.

Once you have enough conversions or leads, switching to look-alike audiences will likely produce better results than other targeting options.

The process of finding targeting options might be more challenging without Audience Insights, but it's not impossible.

The new approach to Facebook targeting involves initial research and testing, followed by the use of look-alike audiences for optimal results.

Lead Guru, a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, offers services to help businesses achieve better results with their ads.

There is a minimum budget requirement of Β£3k per month to work with Lead Guru's advertising services.

The video provides a tutorial on how to navigate the changes in Facebook targeting and find effective options.

The video encourages viewers to engage by liking, commenting, and subscribing for more helpful content.

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