DOUBLE CIRCLE SKIRT ⭐️ Umbrella skirt cutting and stitching in VERY EASY way

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2 Mar 202305:39
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TLDRThis tutorial offers a beginner-friendly guide to creating a double circular skirt, perfect for those looking to expand their sewing skills. The video demonstrates how to cut and stitch a full flare umbrella gown using satin with interlining, a fabric that offers structure and elegance. Ideal for taffeta, scuba, brocade, or similarly structured materials, the tutorial covers making a skirt with a 38-inch waist and a length of 95 cm, which can be adjusted to personal preference. With a requirement of 4m x 2m fabric, the method simplifies the process of creating a stylish and versatile detachable skirt, even for those with limited fabric width by dividing the waist into 12 and making four half circles.

  • ⭐️ Learn to make a Double Circular Skirt with detachable features, perfect for beginners.
  • 👗 The tutorial covers an easy method for cutting and stitching a full flare umbrella gown.
  • 🎨 Recommended fabrics for this skirt include taffeta, scuba, brocade, or satin with interlining.
  • 📏 The model used in the tutorial is 1/4 scale of a mannequin with a 38 size waist (60cm).
  • 📐 The skirt length is 95 cm, but it can be adjusted to be longer or shorter based on preference.
  • 📏 For the skirt, 4 meters by 2 meters of fabric is needed, or alternatively, 4 half circles if fabric width is insufficient.
  • 📐 Waist is divided into 12 parts for the cutting process.
  • 💡 The video provides a step-by-step guide for sewing techniques suitable for beginners.
  • 🌟 The Double Circle Skirt is a stylish and versatile garment that can be easily made at home.
  • 👍 The video script offers a clear and concise tutorial for creating a fashionable skirt.
  • ❤️ Thanks for watching and the encouragement to continue learning sewing techniques.
Q & A
  • What is a double circular skirt?

    -A double circular skirt, also known as an umbrella skirt, is a full flare skirt that is cut and stitched in a way that gives it a wide, circular shape when worn.

  • What type of fabric was used in the video for the double circular skirt?

    -The fabric used in the video is satin with interlining, which is a combination that provides structure and a smooth, shiny finish.

  • What are some other suitable fabrics for making a double circular skirt?

    -Other suitable fabrics for a double circular skirt include taffeta, scuba, brocade, and satin with interlining, all of which can provide the necessary structure and drape for the skirt.

  • What is the waist size of the mannequin used in the video?

    -The mannequin used in the video has a waist size of 60cm.

  • What is the length of the skirt made in the video?

    -The skirt made in the video has a length of 95cm, but it can be made longer or shorter according to personal preference.

  • How much fabric is needed to make the double circular skirt as shown in the video?

    -To make the double circular skirt as shown in the video, you would need 4 meters by 2 meters of fabric.

  • What should you do if the width of your fabric is not enough for the skirt?

    -If the width of your fabric is not enough, you can make 4 half circles using the same method and dividing the waist into 12 parts.

  • Is the method shown in the video suitable for beginners?

    -Yes, the method shown in the video is described as very easy and is suitable for sewing techniques for beginners.

  • What is the purpose of using interlining with satin?

    -Interlining is used with satin to provide additional body and structure to the fabric, making it easier to hold the shape of the skirt and giving it a more polished look.

  • Can the double circular skirt be made detachable?

    -The video mentions a detachable skirt, suggesting that the double circular skirt can be designed to be removed or attached to a garment for versatile styling.

  • What are some benefits of using a small scale of a mannequin for pattern making?

    -Using a small scale of a mannequin for pattern making can help visualize the fit and drape of the fabric more accurately, making it easier to adjust the pattern before cutting the actual fabric.

👗 Easy Double Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial

This video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on creating a double circular skirt, also known as an umbrella skirt. The focus is on making it accessible for beginners, with a particular emphasis on using satin fabric with interlining. The tutorial covers the selection of suitable fabrics like taffeta, scuba, brocade, or satin with interlining. The measurements are based on a 38 size mannequin with a waist size of 60cm, and the skirt length is specified as 95cm, although viewers are encouraged to adjust the length to their preference. The material requirement is detailed as 4 meters by 2 meters, with an alternative method provided for those with narrower fabric, which involves creating four half-circles by dividing the waist into 12 parts. The video concludes with a thank you note to the viewers.

💡Double Circle Skirt
A double circle skirt is a type of skirt that is cut in a circular shape, creating a full, flared silhouette when worn. It is characterized by its wide hem and is often used to create a dramatic effect. In the video, the double circle skirt is the main focus, and the tutorial aims to teach viewers how to make this type of skirt using a simple method.
💡Umbrella Skirt
An umbrella skirt is a term often used interchangeably with a double circle skirt, referring to the same flared, circular shape that resembles an umbrella when worn. It is a popular choice for creating a vintage or dramatic look. The video script mentions making an 'umbrella gown,' which is a full flare skirt that is part of a dress.
💡Cutting and Stitching
Cutting and stitching are fundamental processes in sewing and garment construction. Cutting involves shaping the fabric into the necessary pieces according to a pattern, while stitching is the act of sewing these pieces together. The script describes an 'easiest method' for cutting and stitching a double circular skirt, indicating a simplified approach for beginners.
💡Sewing Techniques
Sewing techniques refer to the methods and skills used in the construction of garments. These can vary widely, from basic hand sewing to complex machine stitching. The video is aimed at beginners, teaching them how to make a double circular skirt using simple sewing techniques, which are essential for understanding the broader field of sewing.
Beginners in the context of the video script refer to individuals who are new to sewing and are looking to learn basic skills. The tutorial is designed to be accessible to those with little or no prior experience, emphasizing easy-to-follow steps and techniques for making a double circular skirt.
Satin is a type of fabric known for its smooth, lustrous surface and is often used in formal wear and evening gowns. It drapes well and has a luxurious feel. In the script, satin with interlining is mentioned as the fabric used for the double circular skirt, suggesting a high-quality and elegant material choice.
Interlining is a layer of fabric that is placed between the outer fabric and the lining of a garment to provide additional body, support, and structure. It is often used in tailored clothing to enhance the garment's appearance and durability. The script specifies using satin with interlining, indicating a need for a more structured and sturdy skirt.
A mannequin is a model or a dummy used by designers and dressmakers to display or fit clothing. It is typically shaped to represent the human body. The script mentions using a 1/4 scale of a mannequin with a waist size of 38, which provides a reference for the size of the skirt being made.
Measurement in sewing refers to the process of taking body dimensions to ensure that the garment fits correctly. The script provides specific measurements for the waist size (60cm) and skirt length (95cm), which are crucial for cutting the fabric accurately and achieving the desired fit.
💡Fabric Width
Fabric width is the measurement across the fabric from selvedge to selvedge, which determines how much fabric is available for cutting a pattern. The script notes that if the fabric width is not sufficient, the skirt can be made by creating four half circles, which is an alternative method for working with narrower fabric.
💡Detachable Skirt
A detachable skirt is a type of skirt that can be attached and detached from a garment, often used for versatility in styling. Although not explicitly detailed in the script, the mention of a 'detachable skirt' suggests that the skirt being made could be designed to be easily attached or removed from a top or bodice.

Tutorial on making a Double Circular Skirt with easy cutting and stitching techniques.

Introduction to making a Detachable Skirt for versatile styling.

Sewing Techniques for Beginners to help them learn the craft.

Use of satin with interlining as the fabric for the skirt.

Recommendation of fabrics like taffeta, scuba, brocade, or satin with interlining for double circular skirts.

Using a 1/4 scale mannequin as a model with a 38 size measurement.

Waist size of the skirt is 60cm, adjustable to fit different sizes.

Skirt length is 95cm, with the option to make it longer or shorter.

Material requirement of 4m x 2m for the skirt construction.

Alternative method for fabric width limitation by creating 4 half circles.

Division of the waist into 12 parts for the cutting process.

Demonstration of the easiest method for cutting a full flare umbrella gown.

Step-by-step guidance for beginners to follow along.

Instructions on how to make a Double Circular Skirt in a very easy way.

Thanks for watching and appreciation expressed for the tutorial.

Expression of love and gratitude towards the viewers.

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